Thursday, 26 February 2015

No Life Drawing Session Today. Guest Speaker Michael Cawood

Today there was no life drawing class, instead we had a last minute guest speaker Michael Cawood who gave us a talk about the animation and the games industry where he had worked at over the years. He provided a brilliant breakdown of working in the animation industry, that building a strong network is a must when you're out there in the industry world. Michael also gave us tips on how to create and structure your own website for what the industry are looking for. The talk went on for a further hour and a half comparing full time jobs and freelance, what to show when you're creating your portfolio on line etc...

Overall I found the talk by Michael Cawood very helpful. It provided a huge insight in working in the animation industry. I hope the university will bring in more guest speakers before the end of the year to encourage us to push to produce animation to the highest of quality.

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