Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cat Chase Project UPDATE 3 - Animation shots

Today I finally got what I hope to believe, is the style of animation that will be suited for this short. After weeks of going back to the drawing board in trying to get the kind of animation style for the short. I am happy with the outcome, all I need to do now is pass it onto the director to get feedback and hopefully there won't be too much that needs altering.

In the first playblast of the animation for shot_01 I wanted to see how the run cycle of the policeman would look in the actual environment. So here it is,

After putting the video on loop, I wanted to see if I could spot out any small detail that would be off putting. Anything that wouldn't look right in this scene, but after a couple of minutes analysing the shot I couldn't spot out anything. I then decided to add in the rest of the policeman characters into the scene as the first tester look good. Here is the same shot but with 2 extra policemen added into the scene.

So I will now send this to the director and hopefully get some feedback soon. As I have lost some time in my other projects in which I need to make up for desperately.

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