Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cat Chase Project UPDATE 4 - Blocking of shot_03

After finishing up on the animations for shot_01 and shot_06 for this project. I have now moved onto blocking out the animation for shot_03. Even though I should have finished this project 2 weeks ago I am aiming to complete the final animation of shot_03 by at least the end of the day. Then hopefully moving onto finishing blocking shot_07.

When blocking out the key poses for this shot I found it particulary comfortable doing this shot. I set myself a target in getting the first pass of the blocking stage for this shot done by around 2pm ish. I managed to complete that by 2:15pm. Which I am happy that I managed this.

I have been following the animatic in which the director has provided me for this shot. I feel when using the animatic for reference that there was still a few seconds spare towards the end. So I added a little bit of improvisation/extra bits into the shot.

Here is the animatic:

and here is the first blocking pass of the animatic above....

 and then here is the same shot but a side view of the blocking.

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