Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cat Chase Project Director's Animatic

Today I have received the first rough animatic for one of the two collaboration projects that I will be working on throughout my 3rd year final major project. This project is called Cat Chase Project. I will be an animator on this project and will have 3 shots to animate. Here is the animatic for the Cat Chase piece;

I will be working with a small team who are mainly 3rd years that who are my course friends and know very well, We have 
  • Alistair Hopkins - Director/Animator
  • Natalie Knight - Generalist
  • John Benson - Generalist
  • Julia Britton - Artist
  • Me - Animator
In this project I will be animating these 3 shots shown below;




These are the shots that I have chosen to animate on and I am looking forward to start animating on this project. The style of animation for this project is about it being cartoon style. More exaggerated and stretch poses/animation, it'll be the first time I'll be animating in a cartoon style so hopefully it'll go well.

Now I will go away and start my pre-production for this project by doing some research and some sketches and animatics for my shots. The next update for this project will hopefully have all the research/sketches/animatics ready to show.

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