Sunday, 21 December 2014

Creature Performance Animatic

The other part of my personal project is the creature performance. As I said in my previous post that I have decided to use the Doberman dog rig/model. For this piece of animation performance, it will include the dog doing a walk cycle for a good 5-8 seconds. 

Then when the camera has completed a 360 turnaround of the Doberman dog walk cycle, a tennis ball bounces into the scene and the dog notices it and starts to chase it. The ball bounces towards the edge and bounces down a level and the Doberman dog jumps down and then starts to run after the bouncing ball. Here are all three of the animatics separately so I just need to work out how the in between will look like before I go into production stage.

1. Dog walk cycle.

2. Dog Jumps down

3. The Run 

Since it's that time of the year coming up, I will need to schedule my work load to finish off the other animatics for my collaborative projects. Which I will do over the holidays. 

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