Monday, 8 December 2014

Dual Dialogue Clips

Finally! I have chosen my two dialogue clips for my personal projects for uni. For my Major Projects for my final year I have to around 80 seconds of animation. There are two sections of the project and those are Personal and Collaboration. I have chosen to split the 80 seconds into 2 parts. 40 seconds for personal and 40 seconds for collaborative.

For my personal project I have chosen 2 audio clips for my animation. First clip is from the film Elf, here is the audio. Santa's Coming - Elf  (It's the first 12 seconds) and the second audio clip is from the film Elizabethtown. Can't really find an exact clip from the film but it will be posted soon within the animatic. Now that I have got my audio clips chosen, I will now see what ideas I can come up with and hopefully post them up in a couple of days.

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